FlexMLS Wireless

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How do I access FlexMLS from a PDA/Phone or similar wireless device that has a HTML browser?


Use the following website for FlexMLS on your phone/pda www.mlswis.com/wap  you will use the same login credentials as you would for the regular FlexMLS system. Make sure also in your phone/pda's browser that you have javascripting enabled.

With the variety of cell phones available today, your best bet is to try it before you spend any money. To determine if your browser is compatible with FlexMLS WIRELESS, simply point your browser at www.mlswis.com/wap enter your username and password, if you are now in the FlexMLS, you are good to go. If not, then the browser is not compatible.

Important note: Not all HTML browsers are compatible with FlexMLS WIRELESS.

For Frequently Asked Questions about the FlexMLS wireless site click here.